Teachers' Christian Fellowship Malaysia

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TCF Malaysia was born in 1961 when a group of 40 committed Christian teachers came together to support each other in their witness. Today TCFers continue to encourage each other in prayer, word, and deed.

The Teachers’ Christian Fellowship or TCF exists to help you become the teacher God intended when He drew you into this profession.

As practising teachers ourselves, TCFers understand your uncertainties and frustrations, your joys and challenges.

  • Seeking the courage to bring your whole self into the classroom? Looking for ways to put passion back into your profession? Come to our TCF events.

  • Eager to share experiences with fellow students under the Master Teacher? Read our quarterly newsletter In Step.

  • Looking to rediscover your purpose in teaching? Take time off for reflection and renewal through our activities.

  • Needing support and encouragement? Join a network of fellow Christians and make new friends at regional TCF meetings and Teachers’ Day Celebration.


TCF activities include retreats, conferences, seminars and regional meetings for English and Mandarin-speaking groups, Teachers’ Day celebrations, and sale of SPM Bible Knowledge materials and other resources.

Since 2003, TCF in collaboration with the Singapore Girls’ Brigade and TCF Singapore has also organised the Asian Christian Teachers’ Conference (ACTC). This biennial event, held in Singapore, brings together educators from the Asian region for a time of spiritual renewal and mutual encouragement.

TCF also publishes a quarterly newsletter, In Step. Besides providing an avenue for educators to write articles to promote Christian principles and values in education, In Step keeps our members informed of TCF events and helps the organisation to be connected to its members.

Through these various activities, TCF hopes to be a channel of God’s love to different groups of educators, and from them to students, church, society and nation as a whole.

Teacher's Day Celebrations

Mandarin speaking Christian Teachers (MCT)

IPG Camps

Asian Christian Teachers' Conference

Mission Trips

Conferences and Retreats

Fun Trips

Virtual Prayer Meetings

Virtual Courses and Retreats

Bible Knowledge text books and In Step Magazines


TCF has played a very big role in affirming my calling as a teacher. I have been encouraged to stay put in my mission-field and given the chance to serve God with many other giants in TCF.


TCF has been a pit stop where God rekindles our passion in teaching. Through TCF, we realise that we are not alone in our struggles and have one another for support and encouragement. This has helped us remain focused.


Mentoring is what new teachers need the most to keep growing. TCF networks me to be under the tutelage of legendary Christian educators to stay on course.


It is often a lonely road ministering in schools. IN STEP, the TCF quarterly newsletter is a regular encouragement as I read how others are impacting their schools. This spurs me on to serve no matter how difficult it is.


TCF has been God's instrument in inspiring and spurring me on in my journey as a teacher and administrator. When the going gets tough, remembering TCF and what we stand for - pushes me on!