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From a little seed planted in Bukit Bintang Boys School twenty years ago, the branches of the SPM BK Quiz have gradually but surely spread across the land sustaining faith and providing encouragement to many, especially the young – the future generation of the church in the country. To paraphrase 1 Corinthians 3:6, “An obedient servant planted it, many faithful servants watered it and God made it grow.”

SPM Bible Quizzes are intended to encourage the study of Bible Knowledge, culminating in the taking of the Bible Knowledge subject at SPM level. In the final analysis, the true measure of the success of a student in studying this subject is not just the achievement of a good grade which is good and necessary, but the transformation in the character of the learner. How much of the development of the fruit of the Spirit – “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control” has taken place? These qualities are so needed in every individual, in every home and in our society today.

Excerpted from a message by our Pioneer BK Judge and Quiz Advisor, Mr Yap Kok Keong

Students need Teachers who are willing to teach Bible Knowledge. Can you?

Our young people need the Word of God to remain strong and resilient in their faith as they grow up in the school and secular environment. One way to help build a strong foundation in students' lives is via Christian Fellowships. Another way is to lead them in the study of the Bible. Bible Knowledge is an official school SPM subject. You can offer to teach students the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles to strengthen their foundation and at the same time, they can also prepare to sit for the SPM Bible Knowledge paper.

It may seem a daunting task to take up the challenge of teaching Bible Knowledge but actually it just needs a willing heart. If the heart is willing, most of the battle is won. Yes, there will be slip-ups and foul-ups but they are all part of the learning process. If there are students who want to learn the Bible but no Christian teacher to volunteer to guide them, then how will they learn the Bible.

Can you volunteer to be a Bible Knowledge teacher? You can also get in touch with FCMSM (Federation of Christian Mission Schools Malaysia) if you need more help. Thank you.

Further Enquiries

You may contact or visit the following websites for more information:

Federation of Christian Mission Schools Malaysia (FCMSM)

Website: https://www.fcmsm.org

Email: federationms@gmail.com

Malayan Christian Schools Council (MCSC)

Email: contact.mcsc@gmail.com

Tel: 03-7956 5310

Scripture Union Peninsular Malaysia (SUPM)

Website: https://su.org.my

Email: info@su.org.my

Tel: 03-7782 9592

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