Beginning Teachers

I am a teacher and I am proud to be a teacher. You may ask me why I am a teacher and what is so good about teaching. There are many reasons but basically I am “In-Christ” doing HIS will. The opportunities to mould and shape the future generation are almost limitless. I’m in the most enviable position of interacting with a ready group of studentsfor 202 days on a daily basis in a year. Seeing my students make progress, guiding them and becoming successful in their own field gives me great joy and satisfaction. No doubt, there are tears and challenges, but they make my life interesting like a yo-yo.

As Parker J. Palmer says:

“We become teachers for reasons of the heart. But many of us lose heart as time goes by. How can we take heart, alone and together, so that we can give heart to our students and our world which is what good teachers do?”

So, let us move on with passion and focus on being a teacher.

By the way, if you have just got your posting to a new and strange place, please do call the TCF office (tel no: 03-58885626) or email us (tcfoffice.my@gmail.com) and we will try to put you in touch with Christian teachers and churches there who will be more than willing to help you settle down in your new environment, like looking for a room, finding a suitable church, and showing you the best places for food, relaxation and play.

Teacher Wannabes

Me a teacher? No!

When asked to choose teaching as a career, many of us will list it as a last choice. Me too! I did not want to be a teacher. I studied to be a chemist on a Federal scholarship and was bonded for 7 years. However, in my final year I followed what most of my peers in the late 1970s were doing at that time – to be a teacher. So, I asked the government for a one-year teaching scholarship to do my Diploma in Education. From that moment on, I have not looked back. I focussed my energy on being a teacher.

Your career path may be like mine. After secondary education, I was not sure about my passion, interests and aspiration. I just drifted with the crowd. But as I matured and widened my horizon in the university, my aspiration changed and I found myself at the crossroads: doing what I like or conforming to the wants of my elders and peers. I took the bold step of choosing my passion for teaching. So, let us ponder a while and examine our true selves and ask, “Will I consider being a teacher?” If your answer is “Yes”, congratulations. So many students are waiting in the schools for us with open arms to impact their values and life!


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