Would you lead a Christian Fellowship?

There are students in our schools who want to have a Christian Fellowship. There are teachers who want to help out but fear they might not be capable. Don't worry. The students are very capable and are quite happy to be given a free hand to lead and organise the Fellowship. But they still need a teacher advisor when it comes to school matters.

Pick up the courage and approach your Penolong Kanan Kokurikulum or Principal. Pray for a positive response. Get the PIBG to support the application. A CF can meet anywhere, under the trees, in the canteen, on the basketball court; not necessary in a classroom. A fellowship is when and where two or more Christians gather in the name of Jesus Christ.

Be encouraged about leading a CF. You can always get support and materials from organisations like Scripture Union too.

Further Enquiries

You may contact or visit the following websites for more information:

Scripture Union Peninsular Malaysia (SUPM)



Tel: 03-7782 9592

Christian Fellowships