Timothy Fund

The disbursement of the TIMOTHY FUND is exclusively for the use of needy students, trainee teachers and teachers known to TCF and its members to the glory of God. As such. TCF would like to use this fund to invest into the lives of such people so that they may be blessed and in turn be a blessing to others.

Guidelines For Disbursement

  • Available only to NEEDY students, student-teachers and teachers

  • Available only to TCFers or on the recommendation of TCF members

  • Sponsorship of Christian activities


  • 10-90% of student camp fees

  • 10-90% of student-teacher camp fees, e.g. POTs, TOTs

  • Asian Christian Teachers· Conference fees - up to 50% for beginning teachers (1st year) and up to 90% for teachers from developing countries like Cambodia and Myanmar

  • Gifts (one-off or on-going for a specified period)


  • Purchase of bibles for a specific purpose

  • Aid to students or their family members who are stricken with illness


  • By written application only via the prescribed form on the reverse page.

  • A written report via a prescribed form MUST be presented within one month or at a suitable time after the disbursement of the fund.

  • Each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the TCF exco. All decisions are final.

Download the Timothy Fund Application form