The BK Quiz is an annual quiz organised by the Federation of Christian Mission Schools Malaysia. It is normally named after the year, for eg, BK 21 is named for the quiz held in 2021. The quiz is endorsed by Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia.

Below are the rules and regulations for the quiz which may change over the years. For the latest information, do contact FCMSM (federationms@gmail.com)

1. Participation:

Open to all F1 to F6 students, school leavers studying in colleges and Quiz-day helpers.

Participation is on an individual basis.

2. Text:

The Gospel according to Luke and The Acts of the Apostles will be tested on alternate years.

Regional level – first half of the book.

National level – second half of the book.

3. Levels:

There are two levels: Regional and National Levels. But they are independent of each other. Participants can register for the National Level even though they may not have entered the Regional Level.

4. Quiz Format:

50 objective questions, 40 minutes.

5. Awards:

Certificates of participation for all participants.

Trophies/Medals for top 10 participants in each Form/Category (Form 1 – 5/Junior-Senior Category)

and top 3 participants in the Veterans Category (Form 6 and college students)

6. Regional Centres:

Same as for the SPM BK Oral Quiz regional centres.

a) Southern Regional (Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor) – Venue: Melaka

b) Northern Regional (Penang, Kedah, Perak, Perlis, Trengganu, Kelantan) – Venue: Ipoh

c) Central Regional (KL, Selangor, Pahang) – Venue: KL/PJ

d) Sarawak – Miri Regional

e) Sarawak – Kuching Regional

f) Sabah – Venue: Kota Kinabalu

The BK Quiz is also held in the following BK only centres.

a) Penang

b) Seremban

c) Kluang

d) Tawau

e) Sandakan

f) Labuan

g) Bintulu

h) Sibu

7. National Level:

Venue: KL/PJ

Tentative date: early August